Terms and Conditions

Membership Fees and Payment

Month in hand. This is an additional non-refundable payment taken from you when you take out a Membership. This payment is equal to one­ month subscription. Thereafter is required monthly in advance.

Failure to make any due payment will result in the Membership being suspended and further admission to all relevant facilities will be denied until all outstanding payments have been made. We retain the right to recover all outstanding balances.

Your Membership is non-transferable. You must not allow anyone else use your membership card/number. If you allow your membership to be used by any other person your membership will be cancelled without refund. We operate a deferred period on all prepaid Membership, due to serious illness, injury or pregnancy with evidence of doctor certificate. Notice must be put in writing to General Manager, you can defer Membership for maximum of three months. Membership fees are not refundable after the end of any applicable deferred period.

Availability of the activity program. This may vary from day to day and at various times. Our programs often include exclusive sessions for beginners only, for experienced users only, for women only and for older people only as well as closure for special events and activities. You are deemed to understand that this may restrict your use from time to time and that no financial adjustment will be made to your fees.

If you book an activity but you fail to attend or cancel in advance, you may be liable for and charged for the missed activity. We may sometimes need to postpone, alter, cancel or introduce new activities temporarily or permanently at any time for any reason, including in response to customer feedback and/or to withdraw equipment and/or facilities for any reason including but not limited to maintenance, repair and alteration. We will not reduce or refund any Membership fees. Notices will be displayed in the facilities and, where you have provided an email address, this will be used as the primary method of contact for such notice.

Health and Safety

Your Responsibility to us

By using any facility, you are deemed to be fit and able to participate in the activity(ies) offered. If in doubt, it is Your responsibility to seek advice from your doctor or other medical practitioner before using any facility or participating in any activity. Where you are taking part in any physical activity, you are responsible for monitoring your own physical condition throughout your use of our facility. If any unusual symptoms occurring, you should inform a member of staff immediately.

You must use the equipment and facilities in the correct manner according to instructions and/or induction training; You must not use the same in any manner which constitutes a health and safety risk either to yourself or to others. We are not responsible for any injury or loss you suffer as a consequence of misuse of the equipment, or of any health condition that you may have.

You must wear attire appropriate to the activity

If you arrive after the start of a class’s warm­up session You will not be permitted to participate in the class.

Lockers located at our facilities are for the use of Members using the facility only and can only be used under the following conditions;

You must not take the padlock off the premises We have the right to gain access to any locker at any time if this is deemed necessary: we will empty all lockers each night and store any items found as lost property.

You must not place any illegal goods or consumables, toxic, flammable or hazardous goods in the lockers. We accept no responsibility for the criminal activity of others and items left are done so at your own risk.

You are not permitted to enter the facilities or partake in activities when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You must comply with all pool and sauna Swim Safety Rules at all times. Rules are available to view at the facility. We reserve the right to reject any application for Membership at our absolute discretion, or withdraw any Membership if you fail to comply to these terms and our facility condition. Refunds will not be given where the Member is in breach of these Terms.

Data Protection

We may also disclose your personal information to –

Any company which we control for marketing development and share information.