Security Self-Defence

All Inclusive Package

Featuring Wild Geese Martial Arts (AIKI-JUTSU style) Security Guard Self-Defence combined with Circuit Training, Spinning and Body Building

Be ready to protect yourself, your family or the clients you guard! Learn how to use your attackers energy against him and move him quickly to a submissive position using no nonsense techniques derived from Aikido and Jujitsu taught by Samir Salma, Gambia's resident Wild Geese Martial Arts Expert Instructor.

After technique, fitness and strength are the second line of defence in a security role. Our facilities provide various physical exercising machines for increasing your endurance and strength to help you build muscle and with the assistance of our professional personal trainers there to instruct and guide you through your work-outs, paving the way for better and healthier results.

The all inclusive program does not require a gym membership and is D2500 a month for the group class and D4500 for private classes.

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